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Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Physical Therapy Assistant Training at SLCHC is a Two-Year Program

In less than two years, the physical therapist assistant program at Saint Louis College of Health Careers can train you for a rewarding job in a profession that is projected to grow roughly 45 percent by 2020. An aging population’s need for healthcare services is fueling the popularity of physical therapist assistant schools across the country. More individuals than ever are seeking help to recover from surgery, injuries or illnesses, and PTAs are finding opportunities in fields such as sports medicine, geriatrics, pediatrics, and post-trauma rehabilitation. Because of the direct affect they have on their patients’ health and well-being, physical therapist assistants frequently cite high levels of job satisfaction. The fact that PTAs generally work in clean, comfortable surroundings and earn good salaries with great benefits also attracts many individuals to physical therapist assistant training.

Our Physical Therapist Assistant Program Offers Training for a Variety of Skills

Among the skills Saint Louis College of Health Careers’ physical therapist assistant program teaches:

  • Working under the direction of a licensed physical therapist to devise treatment plans for patients.
  • Using procedures such as electric stimulation, ultrasound, heat or cold application to improve bodily functions, maintain health, relieve pain and promote healing.
  • Instructing and assisting patients on the use of mechanical devices being used as part of a treatment plan.
  • Observing and reporting on patients’ responses to treatment.

Physical Therapist Assistant School for a Life Change

Saint Louis College of Health Careers provides additional help for students of our physical therapist assistant school in two important ways:

  • Our financial aid office can help you apply for federal loans or grants if you qualify.
  • Our job placement coordinator assists students in finding work upon their certification. You’ll get help with job interview skills and resume writing as well as follow up on job leads.

If you are seeking a career change or a new challenge in your life and enjoy working closely with patients of all ages, our physical therapist assistant program can connect you to the burgeoning world of physical therapy. Call an SLCHC counselor today at 866-529-2070 or contact us by filling out the box on the right side of this page.


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