Our Foundation- St. Louis College of Health Careers

Founded in 1981 by Rush L. Robinson, Ph.D., and Steven N. Barsam, MBA, St. Louis College of Health Careers (SLCHC) has set about to revolutionize the way aspiring healthcare professionals enter the workforce. By combining real-world training with the structure of academia, we are able to serve the growing need for allied health professionals. Our founders draw upon their extensive experience in education, nursing, physical therapy, and cardiopulmonary medicine to create programs that fulfill the complex and sophisticated requirements of the medical arena.

Program History

Traditionally, aspiring healthcare professionals have received technical training from their prospective employers rather than in an academic setting. While on-the-job training is extremely effective at producing qualified and experienced employees, it places a strain upon the resources of individual healthcare institutions. This has the effect of limiting the yearly inflow of new talent into the workforce, and stifling the growth of the healthcare community at large. It is the founding mission of St. Louis College of Health Careers to fill this void with comprehensive training programs that allow students to thrive in a professional environment in greater numbers and quality than ever before.

Our Approach and Vision

Year by year, the demand for highly skilled healthcare professionals grows at an incredible pace. To fill this demand, St. Louis College of Health Careers has created a novel approach to technical training that produces graduates of robust capability, and alleviates the burden of in-house training traditionally borne by healthcare institutions. We combine the collegiate style of education with the conceptual, theoretical, and hands-on approaches typical of on-the-job training to yield an approach that is highly responsive to the growing needs of the healthcare market. For over 36 years, our founders have devoted their passion and expertise to this mission, and we look forward to producing ever-more qualified generations of healthcare professionals.

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