The SLCHC College Effect

Current students and alumni alike often speak of a distinct phenomenon that accompanies attendance to St. Louis College of Health Careers. Perhaps it is the feeling of inclusion into a select group of students destined to make waves in their path to a bright future in medicine. Or, perhaps it is the sense of connection to the vibrant heart of innovation and curiosity that drives the industry of Allied Health Professionals. In any (and all) cases, something transformative happens when you enroll at SLCHC!

We’re committed to making St. Louis College of Health Careers affordable!

When you become a member of SLCHC’s student body, you’ll join the ranks of a diverse interconnected community. The challenges you’ll face together will shape your intellectual and personal growth while forging lifelong relationships with your peers and mentors. Within our classrooms, you’ll discover an unshakable sense of purpose that forms the foundation for your future.

You’ll have the opportunity to study and work under leading medical professionals who will take you under their wing and nurture your development through one-on-one guidance. You’ll learn to form intuitive connections between seemingly disparate subjects and to articulate your ideas in a forum of your peers. You’ll test your mettle in externships, and hone your insights through practical, hands-on experience.

St. Louis College of Health Careers teaches you how to develop the skills and personal qualities needed to better serve the communities in which you’ll be employed as an in-demand, adaptable medical professional — and to play your part in the legacy of more than 35 years of graduates that have come before you to reshape the dynamics of an ever-changing field!


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