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Find Your St. Louis College Representative

While we strive to make information about attending SLCHC as freely available as we can, there’s no substitute for the one-to-one guidance you can get from an experienced representative. We want you to feel like you have access to the support you need to complete the admissions process every step of the way, which is why encourage you to reach out with your questions and concerns. We believe that our students thrive because of the personalized attention that they receive, and our team of trained counselors is dedicated to rendering the support you need to succeed throughout your years of enrollment at St. Louis College of Health Careers.

Admissions Listings

County Campus

Jim Bell
Director of Enrollment Services
(636)529-0000 X 3535

Katie Wibbenmeyer
Admissions Representative
(636)529-0000 X 2107 

Ronda Horst
Admissions Assistant
(636)529-0000 X 3106

City Campus

Michael Cashaw
Director of Admissions
(314)652-0300 X 2104

Dickson Tenga
Senior Admissions Representative
(314)652-0300 X 2102

Elizabeth Morgan
Admissions Assistant
(314)652-0300 X 2300

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