Healthcare Administration, AAS Completion Program

Healthcare Administration, AAS Completion Program in St. Louis

Healthcare Administration degrees focus primarily on entry-level administrative or management and strategic communication
techniques. This degree program offers a unique series of courses that spotlight different management, regulatory, and
advisory skills required by the successful healthcare administration professional. Healthcare administrators and managers
perform duties ranging from updating and filing patients’ records and insurance forms to basic information about health
industry regulations, issues of leadership that are unique to healthcare employers and departments, and more generalized
knowledge about sound management practices, dispute resolution among employees, and caring for patients’ needs and
personal information.

Graduate Opportunities

SLCHC produces graduates of exceptional ability and professional readiness. Our students have gone on to succeed in a variety of roles and settings, including:

  • Physician offices
  • Hospitals
  • Managed care organizations
  • Home healthcare agencies
  • Durable medical equipment companies
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Insurance and billing companies


In order to be viable candidates in the current job market, Healthcare administrators and managers must meet certain
standards of competency. The objective of the AAS Degree in Healthcare Administration is to allow students to learn
beyond the technical and practical aspects of healthcare, giving students a theoretical background to better assess, analyze
and apply critical thinking skills to their work environment.
Graduates of the Healthcare Administration-AAS program may choose from a variety of management level employment
settings including hospital and physician offices, managed care organizations, home care agencies, rehabilitation centers,
skilled nursing facilities, pharmacies, insurance companies, and specialization in research and education.


SLCHC diploma graduates can transfer a total of 30 block transfer semester credits from the following programs: Medical
Assistant, Medical Office Administration, Pharmacy Technician, and Patient Care Technician. Students from other institutions
with at least 30 hours of approved transfer semester credits that includes at least 3 General Education semester credits and
at least 12 semester credits in a healthcare-related occupational area can transfer in this block of credit.

Program Length: Days/Evenings – 36 Weeks

Course # Course Hours Credits
HIT202 Computer Applications 45 3
ENG101 English Composition I 45 3
BUS202 Financial Principles 45 3
EN150 Communications 45 3
HCA201 Healthcare Management & Administration 60 4
HM201 Electronic Health Records Theory 45 3
HM201L Electronic Health Records Lab 45 3
PA204 Medical Billing Procedures Theory 45 3
PA204L Medical Billing Procedures Lab 30 1
HM306 Legal Aspects of Medical Records 45 3
HCA207 Managerial Ethics 45 3


Program Total with Transfer Credits: 60

All courses offered are blended courses. A portion of the
coursework will be completed online and the other portion
in the classroom setting.

The Healthcare Administration program is approved to be
offered at the City campus.

Other Program Requirements: Minimum of 30 hours
of approved transfer credits

Award Upon Completion: Associate of Applied Science Degree

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